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Sight Seeing Tours

Exploring the small but diverse country of El Salvador is unique experience that is rewarding beyond description. Inhabited by a warm and beautiful people it’s natural wonders shine. We are happy to offer personalized single or multi-day tours with a bi-lingual, professional tour guide who is fully certified and familiar with the El Salvador country. The many cultural, archaeological and geographical locations of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are easily accessible from the Villa and are worth the trip. Contact Us for more information.


City & Shopping Tours

The capitol city, San Salvador, is 45 minutes away with first class shopping and many bargain opportunities. A day trip or overnight stay complete with bi-lingual guide, transportation, city and shopping tour can be easily arranged. Contact Us for more information.


El Salvador – “The Tom Thumb of the Americas”

El Salvador, the smallest country of the Central America, is situated on the Pacific shore neighboring Guatemala and Honduras. Prior to invasion of Spanish conquerors, the present territory of El Salvador was called Cuscatlan, which translated from Nahuatl means “the land of jewels”. However and despite that “the Tom Thumb of the Americas” (a nickname invented by Gabriela Mistral) possesses numerous natural scenic, cultural and historical sights, it has not yet become an independent tourist direction and still lives in the shadow of its more notorious neighbors. Most of tourists turn out in Salvador in transit, just sparing 2-3 days for familiarization with the capital which with all its economic, political and cultural significance is nowhere near the most interesting place to see in El Salvador … Click Here to Read More

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