Surfing from the Villa


El Salvador is a surfers paradise. Warm water waves that range from beginner friendly to world-class means there is something for surfers of all skill levels. Right in front of Villa Del Olas is a private point break that with the right swell direction and size provide surfers with an excellent surfing opportunity. And with just a short 5 minute walk around the scenic headland is Palmar, another great surfing location that is usually never crowded.


Guided Surfing

A local surf guide can be provided to drive you to the numerous other surf spots within a 10km radius of Villa del Olas including but not limited to Mizata, K61, K59, El Zonte, Sunzal, Bocanita, La Bocana, La Paz and Punta Roca. Surfing lessons for beginners are also available and with the diverse El Salvador coastline providing a range of wave types and sizes there is no better place to learn.

If you’re up for an adventure, then an overnight or longer “Surfari” can be arranged to the more remote and often epic Punta Mango and Las Flores breaks.

For more information on El Salvador surfing check out and Or to get in touch with a California surfer who has been coming to El Salvador for 3-6 months every year for the last 5 years for first hand information on El Salvador surfing, send an email to or visit his website @

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