Catering & Cooking


We are happy to arrange the preparation and cooking of all or some of your daily meals. Professional chefs can provide a variety of traditional or unique, local cuisine. We will provide a detailed questionnaire that will cover any recommendations, allergies or suggestions you have about your eating preferences.


Grocery Shopping

Arrangements can be made for a private driver to take you to the nearby modern and well stocked supermarket as well as the local seafood markets where you can shop for your own groceries.


Local Restaurants

There are also many opportunities to dine out while you are staying at Villa Del Olas all of which are within a 10 minute drive. We can provide a door to door service to many of these establishments. The nearby village of El Tunco has everything from Pupusas (the favorite local cuisine of El Salvador) to pizza. For more luxurious surroundings and fare, the taste sensations of the much revered Betos restaurant is also located nearby.

Costs for food and services are provided at the time of inquiry

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