Club Atami


Villa del Olas is located within the gated beach club and community of Atami. The Atami property includes private beaches, private salt water pools and cliff pathways, members club with a large pool and waterslide, restaurants (specializing in fresh seafood), basketball courts, volleyball, football, playgrounds, huts and more. Atami caters specifically to club members including tourists from all over the world. For specific information on Club Atami please visit:


Private Beach and Cliff Access

Stepping down five levels from the street to the beach cliffs, the property has it’s own ocean staircase with direct access to a private beach below. The headland to the west of Villa Del Olas has a paved path that winds its way from the private beach below the property and provides access to the Atami Club where for a small daily fee you can if you desire make use of the manicured grounds , large swimming pool and enjoy lunch and a drink in one of the many private cabanas provided.


Jungle and Walking

The grounds within Atami provide a network of small access roads allowing guests the opportunity to stroll and explore the community and enjoy the natural forest that is home to an assortment of wildlife of which birds are the most prolific. For those who like a more challenging stroll there are many hills and valleys that these access roads wind over and dependent upon your chosen route will provide a good cardio workout all within the security of the Atami grounds.


Salt Water Pools

The ocean rock pools at the western end of the headland and still within the privacy of the Atami grounds are a spectacular place to take a low tide refreshing dip in the ocean without the sand and waves. Many enjoyable hours can be spent exploring the many smaller tidal pools at low tide where crabs and fish are abundant. For the more adventurous a high tide dip in the ocean rock pools can be exhilarating as the ocean waves crash against the rocks below and flood the pools.

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